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What is SPEED Lacrosse?

Speed Lacrosse is a fast fun version of 3v3 lacrosse played on a small field. Players do not wear any equipment, and do not have positions. The game is supposed to be fast and free flowing and emphasizes skill.  Think of it as the lacrosse equivalent to Flag Football. 

What are the rules of SPEED Lacrosse?

Teams can consist of up to 5 players, and can be guys, girls or co-ed. There are no faceoffs in SPEED Lacrosse and the ball changes possession after ever goal. Penalties are called similarly to regular lacrosse, but there is no body contact allowed, and stick checking is minimal. One pass must be made on offense before a team can score, and you can’t score from the defensive side of midfield. Players can jump in the goal on defense, and offensive players aren’t allowed to wind up and shoot the ball as hard as they can. The full rulebook is here SPEED Lacrosse Rules These rules are designed to get players lots of touches and keep the game moving fast.